Working with us

I love building websites. There’s nothing much more satisfying than starting with a blank canvas and piecing together a website.

Whether you:

  • Are thinking about setting up your first website
  • Already have a web presence but want to update the design
  • Have a design ready to go, and need it converted to HTML, or
  • Have a static website that you want converted to a content managed website

I can probably help  you out. Get in touch with me to have a chat about any web requirements you have.

I’m not going to bore you with my technical knowledge here, because I know that most of my clients just want to work with a web developer who talks in plain English. Instead, I’ll give you a quick taster of the kind of service you can expect from ScreenCandy throughout your website project.

Scoping and Design


  • First, we will discuss your needs so I can get an idea of your vision for the site. Who are the audience? What do you want to achieve? What websites do you like/dislike? All this helps me build up a picture of your website.
  • After that, I can advise you on the site’s information architecture and content structure. For many years I have worked on a range of websites: from tiny sole trader sites, to huge local government sites, so I am well experienced in this.
  • Then we get to the fun bit – the design. I won’t just design you a flashy website with no regard for accessibility and usability. I’ll take into account things like colour contrast and spacing of elements to ensure your website is readable as well as slick.
  • I will provide graphical mock-ups of new sites, and in some cases working prototypes, so that you can get a clear idea of how your site will look and work.

Building and coding

  • bg-codeThere’s no point having a site that looks great, if it takes forever to load. I code valid XHTML and CSS… with a little bit of jQuery thrown in. Basically, your website will be fast and compatible with all major browsers. It’s also great for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Of course, you will want to update your own site, and that’s not a problem either. I use WordPress to power all my sites.
  • Social media is a huge part of any web presence. I can help you tap into this potential by integrating your site with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I can also advise you how to make the most of these channels once you are up and running
  • And then there are all the little extras behind the scenes that really help you make the most of your website. Like keeping track of your visitors with Google Analytics, or making sure your site is as SEO friendly as possible.

Training and Support

  • bg-supportI have loads of experience training people of all levels of computer competence – trust me! I’ve helped people who can’t even open a browser. I am more than happy to meet you in person to talk through updating your site, or working over the phone/Skype/email.
  • I can provide documentation for any custom parts of your website – in general though, there are load of resources already online regarding updating WordPress sites.
  • We can arrange support for your site once it’s live. This might be a monthly retainer where I log in and carry out security updates and general house-keeping for you, or an ad hoc support service paid per hour, or you might not want support at all. WordPress is pretty robust, so chances are your site will happily continue working with minimal input from a developer.
  • If you are worried that I sound like a one man band, then let me assure you that I can draw upon a huge network of contacts, web developers, social media and SEO gurus. If you need advice with something webby, chances are I can find someone to help.

Heard enough and decided to take the plunge and work with me?

Send me a message

Send me a message