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The brawn behind ScreenCandy is Neil Sayers. He designs and develops websites for small businesses, professionals, charities or any other organisation who needs a web presence.

He has been tinkering with web design as a hobby since 1997, and built a huge amount of experience in HTML and CSS design. However, it had always been difficult for him to find an application for this knowledge, as most users wanted to update their own websites and back when I started out, I didn’t know how to do that.

Then in 2010 in he found the WordPress content management system, and a whole new world of opportunities opened up.


If Neil is the brawn, then Collette is the brains… Except she’s hasn’t got a bio yet.

Oh well. I guess you can read a bit more about me down below… In the first person. Sorry for the change!

My professional background

I became interested in HTML and websites around the early days of the web in the mid-nineties. After completing my A-levels, I studied electronic engineering at the University of York, obtaining a BEng degree.

Once graduated in 2001, I decided not to pursue a career in engineering, instead focussing on IT. I have had jobs as website editor for various public service organisations, including The Electoral Commission and Islington Council. Through these jobs I have been able to gain a huge amount of website usability and accessibility experience.

However, I always preferred getting my hands dirty actually designing and coding new websites rather than the more mundane tasks of looking after an existing website. So, I started to teach myself how to build WordPress sites in my spare time.

After 3 years of hard work, learning new skills and gaining clients through word-of-mouth, I became a full-time freelancer. Since then I have worked on over 100 websites for various small businesses and charities.

More recently I have also been contracting, in particular at the University of the Arts London.

Personal stuff

As you might have guessed from the illustrated Neil on the homepage, I am a bit of a geek.

Some of my favourite things include: My Mazda Bongo (Suzi), video games, reading sci-fi, nice beer, Lego, electronic music, going to gigs, DJing, snowboarding, archery, swimming, kayaking, feeding pigeons, reading maps and acquiring useless knowledge.

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